• Quick and simple installation

  • Detects signals even if your device cannot

  • Works on multiple carrier's simultaneously

  • Works on 4G/LTE - will work on upcoming LTE advance

  • Fully automatic, no manual adjustments needed

  • Provides full access to your carrier data speeds

  • Minimal antenna separation

  • Proudly made in the U.S.A



Maximum Signal™ has helped develop a new technology for mobile and fixed wireless amplifiers under the Maximum Signal™ brand-utilizing patent pending technology. All Maximum Signal amplifiers utilize proprietary digital software controlled amplifiers that are designed to meet or exceed carrier standards as well as improve constant wireless reception for the consumer.

Maximum Signal™ RF wireless line of amplifiers was developed to be an extension to the carriers' system allowing for not only extended coverage in rural areas, but in more important area’s such as urban cities where data and voice usage is in high demand and carrier’s lack bandwidth. After conferring with tower management groups with different carriers and leading companies in RF handset manufacturing, SCT™ took the approach in it's research and development, to design a line of mobile and fixed amplifiers that never communicates with the carriers tower management which does not increase bandwidth to the carriers' system for consistent performance.

At Maximum Signal™ we call this “front of the line service” Using a Maximum Signal™ amplifier allows you to be on the cell tower as long as you need, not being pushed off by other users pushing their way to the front of the cell tower. The Maximum Signal™ proprietary digital software system will sense the need to increase power to the wireless handset or data device; the amplifier will respond by offering the proper amount of power levels necessary for the device to maintain a constant signal, thus allowing the consumer a positive experience with the Carrier’s service.

Performance issues that are often overlooked is only Maximum Signal™ amplifiers compensates for the loss in the coaxial cable and connectors are stand-alone pass through Bi-Directional RF amplifiers that can read how much power is necessary from a cell site and deliver the signal to the wireless device. The amplifier has the ability to produce the power levels that the local cell site is requesting, regardless of the distance, (within reason) from the cell site. For this reason, the Maximum Signal™ RF line of amplifiers are the only amplifier's that utilize this type of communication.

Maximum Signal™ line of amplifiers are not fixed output amplifiers. The Maximum Signal™ lines of amplifiers are bi directional, digital microprocessor software controlled amplifiers with a dynamic range from 27 dB to 72dB within our line of amplifiers.

Maximum Signal™ believes in accurate technical specifications, Maximum Signal™ believes that output power is the most compelling specification that should be noted. As all other competitors believe marketing gain specifications with a higher number is better than actual output power. Output power allows for stronger signals, more users and less interrupted connections.